About | Cavilani
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– The Start –

Living in beautiful Spain, we grew accustomed to a wide range of excellent casual footwear, Spanish classics like the espadrilles and avarca sandals. When we moved to Miami, we were blessed with excellent weather but unable to find our favorite quality shoes at good prices.

Cavilani had to become a reality, so we packed our bags and returned to Spain and built strong relationships with small specialist workshops in La Rioja and the island of Menorca, both areas have a strong tradition of excellent shoemaking.

– The Brand –

Cavilani is all about craftsmanship, quality natural materials and excellent finishes, both our espadrilles and sandals are handcrafted in Spain from the finest materials.


Cavilani crafts all footwear in Spain and sources its leathers from Spanish and Italian tanneries, this guarantees the best quality and business practices. Apart from the craftsmanship, quality materials and finish, the best thing about being Made in Spain is being able to spend time in this beautiful country.